Raju & I screened, Gayatri felicitated in Pune!

A special event was organised in Pune on 5th December to commemorate the birth anniversary of animation legend, Walt Disney and to celebrate the Indian efforts in the field by Rajesh Khele of animationwala.com. Raju & I was screened at the event, Gayatri was felicitated along with child prodigy painter Isha Chavan. Gayatri also interacted with the eager audience about the process of animation film making, the challenges of making Raju & I, her unique experience as an intern at the Walt Disney studios, Florida  in the fall of 1994 and the lessons learntwhich forever changed her outlook towards animation leading to the founding of Animagic in 1997.

“Besides all the technical knowledge, they instill in you a passion for animation and show you how to push together and work as a team” quotes the  Sakaal times coverage of the event.

Gayatri interacts with a new young fan of Raju & I..

Photo gallery:  http://www.animationwala.com/ANIMATIONWALA/event.html

Warm thanks and regards to Rajesh! keep up the good work!

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