Cartoons on the Bay Italy: India Honoured as Guest Country: Attended by Six Indian Studios



From left to right: Amit Rathore, Prerit Damani, Hari Varma, Vijay Bhanushali, Suresh Eriyat & Chetan Sharma

Cartoons on the Bay 2012 that was held from March 22nd to 25th had honored India as the guest country. The 16th Edition of the Festival took place in Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, Italy. The main theme of the year was Sport in cartoons to celebrate 2012 London Olympic Games.

The first day of work was devoted to a series of meetings in which the major animation companies attended and there was also a retrospective of the best products of featured and animated films in recent years.

As India was the guest country at the prestigious festival, 6 Indian studios were invited to attend the festival and had meetings with the other content creators and broadcasters from around the globe. The 6 Indian studios that attended Cartoons on the Bay include- Shemaroo Entertainment, Toonz Entertainment, Eeksaurus Production, Animagic India, SideFX Entertainment and Transcendal Animazion.

Talking to about his experience Chetan Sharma, Founder, Animagic India sharing his experience said, “I feel that the representation was eye opener to many in the audience as it shifted their perception of India from being not just a growing producer of animated content but also a creator of unique films that was of international standard. So far western producers are used to seeing themselves as originating the design and story. It was definitely a privilege to present Animagic’s contribution to Indian Animation in this light. It was very exciting to see the wide range of works that India was able to produce. Felt very proud!”


chetan_sharmaAbout the meetings Chetan Sharma added, “The meetings were primarily with Italian studios looking to collaborate with Indian studios and I think a lot of synergy was discovered. Many were pleasantly surprised with the stuff we had done for Tripura, Maa-a-a-a and Raju& I… we felt distinctly a creative kinship with each other. We discovered them as much as they discovered us! Its too early to say where all this will lead, but I think an important step of laying a foundation of friendship and respect has been carried out”.


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