‘Kitasenju-19’ back from Tokyo from HIDA training programme.

The group of Indian animation professionals who were invited to Japan for a 9 day trip are back and they call themselves the KITASENJU-19 after the suburb of Tokyo where they were put up at the HIDA premises..kitasenju 19Chetan: “It has been a memorable trip… firstly just for meeting and bonding with friends from the Indian troupe who rarely get to connect in their busy lives let alone spend days together, becoming friends! Secondly..we are in Tokyo!! and here to bask in the flood of animation info showered on us by our hosts led by the gracious Asuka san! A really deep understanding is not possible in the little time we have, especially given that not all of us were familiar with the nuances of Anime…but all in all, in between the lectures from some really great directors, corporate executives, visit to a university and a studio tour..and the soaking in the sights of Tokyo and its unabashed pop culture and temples…a visit to the Fujiko. F. Fujio ‘Doraemon’ mueseum in Kawasaki, the gawking at manga stores and exquisite toys stores… and fishing out every last rupee (nay even borrowing) to buy toys and stuff has just been a whirlwind!!¬†Unforgettable!”

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