Workshop and lecture on Character design at MAAC National Students meet in Goa.

maacThe 10th annual MAAC National Students Meet invited Chetan and Gayatri for a quick day to Goa where they interacted with the students who came from all over the country, conducted a simple drawing initiation, and even had a chat session with the instructors from the west zone..before dashing back to Mumbai to pick up the threads of Ayyappa production!
C: This was the best time to talk character design as I could share the images and pics from the Tokyo trip to show the power which animated characters exercise on pop culture and public consciousness when they are successful as they are in Tokyo! Also the discipline that has brought the Japanese where they are was emphasized so that the budding artists may be aware of the determination they need to have that reaps those kind of results- characters known all over the world!
A special thanks to Sanjiv Waeerkar and Kavita of MAAC for inviting us and facilitating this exchange!

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