Gayatri in AX’s International Women’s Day Special Conversations with women creators in Animation & comics! is celebrating the spirit of International Women’s Day by saluting the Women in Animation and Comics Sectors of Indian Entertainment Industry.

We asked Charuvi Agrawal, Gayatri Rao, Manisha Mohan, Reena Puri, Shilpa Ranade and Tehzeeb Khurana on what is latest with them and their vision for 2014


…For most artists and this is especially true of women-filmmakers in animation, their work is an extension of who they are. So for me Animagic itself is work-in-progress and the studio & the films we make are a reflection of our own journey in animation & life. In keeping with that, we can look forward to stories about the ecology, spirituality and dogs! All of this and more in the coming few years… It’s going to be another long haul.

I want to wish all the girls & women in animation all the best for their endeavors… it’s not an easy field to work in, to survive and to succeed. But the feminine energies bring out the sensitive aspects of life in art, which is very welcome in a field dominated by superheroes, Monsters & machines! Go girls!!” – Gayatri

Read the full article with all the wonderful ladies in our field!

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