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Story, Design and Pre-production Clinic at ABAI fest and KVGC neet

Chetan made a quick survey of many ways of creating different types of animation films from ads to shorts to TV series to features based obn Animagic’s own journey of almost 18 years. From the free flowing development of independent shorts like ‘Raju and I’ to the intense layering of a feature like ‘TRIPURA’. Also covered in […] more

Arena ‘ORBIT LIVE’ and Kalakari fest Mumbai!

The three day fest by Arena Animation saw 3 workshops and masterclasses  by Chetan. Day1 was the ‘Sketching Ki Paathshaala” session for the Kalakari Fest. Day 2 & 3 saw 2 intensive sessions on ‘Character Design‘ & ‘Acting for Animation’Finally the Orbit Live closing ceremony was an extravaganza with awards given out to Industry Lion […] more

Chetan’s “Sketching ki paathshaala!” at tasi Anifest 2014

Day 3 of the 10th Anniversary edition of TASI ANIFEST saw  ‘Sketching ki paathshaala’ with Chetan Sharma; Visual Development with Griselda Sastraniawata-Lemay from DreamWorks Animation; Music for the visual with Narayan Parasuram and finally a session on the VFX of ‘Hercules’ with Double Negative’s Bernhard the video from Animation by clicking here! more

Chetan & Gayatri among 13 pathbreakers at TOONZ’s Indian Animation Masters Summit

“We decided to bring together the Indian animation masters to discuss a road map for the Indian animation industry as well as provide a platform for animation enthusiasts to meet and learn from them” said P Jayakumar, CEO of Toonz Group. Trivandrum based Indian animation major; Toonz Animation has announced its new edition of the […] more

Talk session @ Kalaghoda Art Fest tommorrow at 11.30am!


Workshop & session in Kalaghoda Art Fest!

Animagic is going to be at the KALAGHODA ART FEST this year!! First in a one of its kind workshop on drawing in associatin with TASI- “Sketching & cartooning for Everyone!! Even those who can’t draw! Featuring live demos, clips and mass sketching session by India’s finest animation gurus – Vaibhav Kumaresh, Chetan Sharma & Vaibhav More, the workshop will enable participants to discover […] more

Session at MAAC Annanagar!

Chetan Sharma conducted a session for MAAC Annanagar on his recent visit to Chennai. He initiated the eager class into the simple fundamentals of sketching and then shared with them some of the artistic details behind the ‘Swami Ayyappan” project, which were inspiring for the students! Thanks to MAAC Annanagar & Anandh Ramesh! more

‘Behind the scenes of Swami Ayyappan” in Bangalore & Indore!

Its back by popular demand!! TASI’s “Work in progress” session with Vaibhav Kumaresh & Chetan Sharma is now going to Bangalore (25th Jan 2014) and Indore (8th feb 2014)! All are invited!! more

A Call to arms for young animators at Pune!

“The need of the hour is for animators and especially students who wanna be animators or technicians to strive for nothing but to be the best they can!Aim for the top if we want India to emerge from the mud of mediocrity!”  more

1st ever session on ‘SWAMI AYYAPPAN” in Pune!


Mass Sketching workshop at ANIFEST a great success!

Chetan: “The three of us ( Dhimant Vyas, Vaibhav and myself) had a great deal of fun on stage exploring sketching and drawing from life. It was easy to get lost in the process , tho we still managed to steal glimpses of how the others worked.. it was awesome.. while the approaches may appear […] more

Ist ever mass sketching workshop with Chetan, Dhimant & Vaibhav!

Animagic’s Chetan Sharma along with Dhimant Vyas and Vaibhav Kumaresh will conduct 1st ever mass sketching workshop at TASI ANIFEST 2013. In a major first, TASI has brought together 3 industry veterans to rekindle the joy of drawing and sketching amongst budding animation professionals and students. The workshop will highlight the different approach of the […] more

Workshop and lecture on Character design at MAAC National Students meet in Goa.

The 10th annual MAAC National Students Meet invited Chetan and Gayatri for a quick day to Goa where they interacted with the students who came from all over the country, conducted a simple drawing initiation, and even had a chat session with the instructors from the west zone..before dashing back to Mumbai to pick up the […] more

‘Kitasenju-19’ back from Tokyo from HIDA training programme.

The group of Indian animation professionals who were invited to Japan for a 9 day trip are back and they call themselves the KITASENJU-19 after the suburb of Tokyo where they were put up at the HIDA premises..Chetan: “It has been a memorable trip… firstly just for meeting and bonding with friends from the Indian […] more

ASIFA INDIA’s International Animation Day celebrations! A review in Animation Reporter.

Animation Reporter’s review of the Mumbai celebrations held at NCPA captures the essence of IAD & the presentations made. more

IAD 2011: Animagic presents in Mumbai, Pune, Indore & Hyderabad!

International Animation Day organised by ASIFA India is here again, bringing to aspirants and professionals alike an event which celebrates their love of animation! This year, we are glad to be part of an illustrious lineup of presenter ans speakers that includes the likes of the Disney Studio ‘Tangled’ & Macgruff Studios” Despicable Me’ . […] more

Chetan to present in Anifest 2011

Just look at the impressive lineup for Anifest 2011!!! Glad to be part of this..Cheers to TASI team! congrats on 10 great years of making animation accessible to all!! more

TRIPURA cover story in Animation Reporter July issue!!!

The July issue of Animation Reporter magazine features Tripura as its cover story!! Loads of behind the scenes stuff about the making of India’s first television epic! Do pick up the magazine at the stands..its filled with loads of great material, Annecy’s Youtube contestants, tutorials and more!! Cheers!! more

Big Aims brings Pixar‘s Jay Shuster to India. Chetan Sharma to speak in the ‘Cool Guru‘ multi city Seminar Series

BY ANIMATIONXPRESS.COM TEAM 10 May 2011 03:50 PM BIG AIMS‘ (Animation Infotainment & Media School) Cool Guru Seminar Series will have Jay Shuster, Art director, Pixar Animation studios sharing the secrets of creating a career in Animation & VFX Film Making and showcasing his work on successful movies like CARS (2006), WALL.E (2008) and his upcoming movie CARS-2. The […] more

Interactive session at TURNER!

Chetan conducted an interactive session on animation filmmaking with the employees of Turner Entertainment followed by a screening of Raju & I.  ” An interesting experience- to talk animation from the point of view of a creator to the people of all the various depts, marketing, management, programming etc who actually bring animation to audiences everyday. The […] more


Chetan conducts a workshop of drawing and animation at NCPA as a part of the International Animation Day (IAD’09) celebrations.  Here are a few pics from the session.. more

International Animation Day, Hyderabad

Chetan conducts a workshop of drawing and animation in Hyderabad as a part of the International Animation Day (IAD) celebrations. Animagic films shown Maaa-aa-aa as well as commercial works screened as a part of concluding ceremony. Maa-aa-aa development work receives prominent display. ( more

Design Experience Seminar at IDC

Chetan talks about animation and “The development of Eklavya and pre-production design for film” at the Design Experience Seminar at IDC, IIT Bombay. ( more

Footprints@ Symbiosis, Pune

Chetan talks about the “Potentials of animation” at Footprints organised by Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication in Pune more

Animated EXETER, UK

Retrospective of Animagic Films: Chetan and Gayatri present the changing face of Indian animation at ANIMATED EXTER in Exter, UK on March 2006 Raju & I, Maaa and Chachakak screened. Workshops with children and meeting and dinner with Allan Lee, the designer of the Lord of the Rings!! March 2006. ( more