Welcome to the website of Animagic’s latest film MAAAAAA..

This is an 18 min film, produced for Childrens Film Society, India (CFSI).

Directed by Chetan Sharma, this is the studio’s second short film after RAJU & I.

We feel privileged to share some of the material… of the many aspects of production…a taste of the excitement and fun that we experienced during its making.


MAAAaaa to be pronounced as the bleating of a goat, is a free adaptation of an old story from the panchatantra about a brahmin who is robbed of his goat.

Building on various personalities and their interaction with each other, inspired in good measure by old hindi film comedians, who ofcourse took their cue from rustic folk theatre,

MAAAaaa hopes to capture some of that raw spirit of performance.


The film has a history almost as old as ANIMAGIC itself…first storyboarded by the director in 1997 as a film to be made in the spare time to experiment with various principles of animation..the film had to sit on the back burner for lack of any spare time..ANIMAGIC continued to forge ahead making a mark of quality, while building infrastructure and a team of dedicated artists and assistants…and juggling projects of interest with minimal budgets with the commercials which paid for the daily bread..almost everyday was a 18 hour workday….

Then in 1999, the project was revived, this time as an exercise for the whole team to just have fun with various aspects of putting together a film…there were character design excersises as also storyboarding sessions which often lasted all night..the final characters were designed by the director then..however the film did not go into any production stage as the team was considered to not be ready enough to animate the film.

In late 2000, we were approached to create a film on childrights..given its miniscule budget , the studio pooled all available time and energy in continuing in the ANIMAGIC WAY…balancing the overheads with commercial projects and giving the creation of this film its due as it grew to be a 30 min. labour of love over the next 2 1/2 years. Its many awards and great recognition around the world presented a new creative face of Indian animation. It also brought to the front the desire to do something which would be lighter in its subject matter and treatment.

Maaaaa was pitched to CFSI in 2003 and was duly commissioned.Once again a tight budget has not managed to tie down creative ambition as the film has continued to evolve…many story ideas which were explored and some which were even animated have been abandoned while new flavours have been incorporated to make for richer entertainment.


  1. nikunj d malviya
    Posted September 22, 2011 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh chetan sharma this in nice story……………………and i like your tripura also that you presented in anifest tasi………………….. ohhhhhh goood work keep it up…………….sir

  2. Posted August 26, 2016 at 3:13 am | Permalink

    Awesome work. I love it. Keep watching it often. My one year old daughter loves it even more. She keeps chanting “Munna……nna…..nna”. My suggestion is you must do a series on the adventures of munna.

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