In their effort to generate funds to support their good work Aseema also has a range of products like greeting cards etc.

Encouraged by the way the film was shaping up; it was decided to make a calendar to create an awareness of the UN Convention on Rights of the Child using the characters from the film.

It was not easy for some of the prospective clients to accept that such a serious subject was a good concept to have on their have on their walls throughout the year. But thanks to a few supporters like SKF, the calendar did get made. And as it turned out it was extermely well recieved by all. Here is a letter we received from one such person.

Dear Gayatri,

What a delightful calendar you have brought out. It hangs proudly in my office bringing cheer despite its grim premise.

With warm regards

Yours sincerely

Sai Paranjpe

(Sai Paranjpe was Chairperson of the Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) in 2003)

Calendar Gallery

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