Color Scripting

Another important aspect of film design that was triumphant in this film was a process of color scripting the entire film. Which is to say that frames were painted of all the sequences within the film designing and directing the change in color from shot to shot, scene to scene.  This process lends  richness to the color tapestry of the film and allows the viewer to get the reality of the films events much more. A key aspect is that a night scene is not formulaically treated as blue and grey, There may be a different mood  for different night sequences and the colors will reflect  that mood, whether calm, excitement, aggression, creepy etc. It is a fantastic creative process and we were fortunate to have some very creative talent work on this for several months trying to realize the directors’ vision so it could be communicated to the production company. Key backgrounds & layouts were also created as guides for the production company.

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    Brilliant… superb..

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