Story and Treatment

Synopsis: An epic tragedy

Maya the great asura architect and sorcerer rescues and raises the three asura princes Tarakaksha, Kamlaksha and Vidyunmali as his wards after the asuras have driven out of their kingdom. He hopes to bring the displaced asura people back together on the path of prosperity and virtue. The 3 princes follow Maya’s guidance to achieve their powerful kingdom of Tripura (The three cities tri-pura relation to current state of tripura.) Blessed by Brahma the creator himself to be indestructible till a single arrow passes thru the three cities. This is something only Shiva the primordial hunter can do.

The brothers feel safe as Maya is Shiva’s greatest devotee. They themselves follow his lead, But lacking his moral integrity get carried away by ideas of ruling the universe. The devas who have all too often suffered at the hands of the asuras play their own part in this degeneration, aided byVishnu thru a manifestation as a sadhu called Swami Mohin. Ultimately matters come to a head and the asuras and devas are locked in war, but the key to their defeat is the city of Tripura and Maya’s devotion to Shiva guarantees its safety.. How the destruction of this indestructible creation comes about at the hands of the mighty Shiva and Maya and princes fate is the narrative focus.

Treatment: The asuras and devas battle within us!!

“However it is not a black vs white story at all. The asura princes are actually our heroes!! In much the same way that characters like Macbeth and Hamlet bring about their downfall due some fatal flaw in their character, our princes are tragic heroes who cannot help being their asura selves.

In a way the asura tendencies are the flaws within our human nature brought about by unchecked egocentrism. Especially in societies where the individual is encouraged to go as far as possible for self aggrandizement, even if it means trampling over others! This is, to us, an asuric tendency, Win at any cost!!

Within each of us is a basic moral compass that guides us and is largely common to all people anywhere in the world. This basic human goodness based out of love is our divine or deva aspect. In the end, both are a part of us, fighting for control of the universe that is us and our life. Very few people are able to avoid the seduction of the false and be true to themselves and the metaphorical battle continues. Till some catastrophe or phenomenal happening shakes us out of pettiness to our higher self.. that is Shiva doing the dance of destruction and forcing us to transcend the pettiness of our ego driven existence..

Not that the film is didactic in any way, but this is a key to see thru the layer of heroic adventures to a mythic truth that is trying to speak to us.”-C

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